Meet the needs of all kinds of organic analysis and detection

The application fields include food agricultural residues, animal residues and other directions


EX2000 MS has excellent sensitivity, excellent stability, outstanding scalability and excellent cost performance. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as environmental testing, medical testing and food safety. The MS workstation software  developed for user needs includes professional mass spectrometry control and quantitative analysis software, combined with standard method library, automatic tuning, intelligent batch processing and customized report output functions, which greatly reduces the operation difficulty of the mass spectrometry software system. At the same time, the workstation also has thousands of compound standard libraries and rich application method libraries to meet the application needs of more mass spectrometry users.


Unique biorthogonal ion source and double 3Q ion optical design

  • EX2000 MS adopts biorthogonal electrospray ion source technology, which has excellent ion yield and anti matrix ability; EX2000 MS adopts unique triple quadrupole ion guidance technology and triple quadrupole mass analyzer technology to ensure the analytical performance and long-term stability of EX2000 Ms

Excellent sensitivity

  • the product adopts the newly designed step scan ion transmission technology, which effectively improves the ion transmission efficiency
  • the innovative axial acceleration collision pool technology greatly improves the collision efficiency
  • patented pulse counting detection technology, no loss of detection ion signal, effectively filtering noise interference

Excellent stability

  • ion source and ion interface with high efficiency desolvent to increase system tolerance
  • patented closed-loop adaptive adjustment technology of dual RF power supply to improve the stability of quadrupole RF power supply
  • patented anti temperature and humidity alternating technology adapts to a wider range of temperature and humidity applications

Mass spectrometry workstation

  • the new mass spectrometry control software and analysis software are simple to operate, and the one key automatic tuning and quality calibration functions reduce the complexity of instrument control and the threshold of instrument use. Mass spectrometry analysis software and report template can be customized according to different application fields and different users to meet the use needs of various application fields.