LC-MS Micro Mass Spectrometer

Micro flow, saving nitrogen & solvent and environmental protection

small size and weight, easy installation


The combination of Wufeng’s Liquid chromatography & Miniature Mass Spectrometer by using liquid chromatography as the separation system and mass spectrometry as the detection system.
The sample is separated from the mobile phase in the mass spectrometer, and after ionized. The mass spectrum is obtained by the mass analyzer of the mass spectrometer.
A mass range of 1400 m/z is suitable for the analysis of Pharmaceutical and biomedical fields.
Electrospray quadrupole mass spectrometry, with built-in vacuum pump.
Support online dilution and direct injection.
micro flow, saving nitrogen & solvent and environmental protection.
Shot instrument balance time, low maintenance, and high efficiency
High integration, small size, easy installation, easily of the mass. spectrometer.
Miniature mass spectrometer is reliable, durable and user-friendly.