Management team

Management team
  • Ma MingYuan General Technical Consultant
    Senior Computer Engineer
    Mainly responsible for the production and R&D
    Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1964, majoring in Fluid Mechanics
    • Work experience
      • Shanghai Wufeng Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.
      • Shanghai NG.Fong Electromechanical Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.
      • ShanghaiTech University
      • Shanghai Institute of Computing Technology
      • Shanghai 704 Institute (Institute of Ship Special Electromechanical Equipment of CSSC)

      Major projects in charge of development:

      • Research project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission: LC-100 Intelligent Liquid Chromatography System;
      • GC 112A, GC122, GC102 temperature control processors for gas chromatograph;
      • CDP series chromatographic data processors;
      • GC 112A 、 GC122 、 GC102气相色谱仪温控处理器
      • CDMC series chromatographic data processors;
      • M-Series Traffic Signal Control System;
    • Main projects in charge of design
      • The stabilization system of China’s first guided missile destroyer;
      • Responsible for the testing of the first generation of single-chip microcomputers in China;
      • SJC-1 medium-scale integrated circuit tester;
      • SJC-2 medium and large-scale integrated circuit tester;
      • i 8080A microprocessor function tester;
      • China’s first chromatographic data processor: CDMC-1 chromatographic data processor;
      • Presided over the preparation of the National Science and Technology Commission 6.5 project: i 8080A standard function test program
      • Participate in the development of the first generation of chromatographic workstations in China.

      Main awards

      • Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Award;
      • Jiangsu Provence Scientific and Technological Achievement Award;
      • Third Prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Achievements;
      • Second Prize of Shanghai New Product;
  • Daniel Ma CEO
    Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Strathclyde, UK

    Work experience

    • From 1992 to 2001, worked for several of the global Fortune 500 companies:
      Shanghai Johnson Co., Ltd. (SC Johnson)
      Shanghai Shenmei Beverage and Food Co., Ltd. (Coca-Cola China)
      Bristol-Myers Squibb Group (China), as a regional sales manager
    • (Since 2002)
      Shanghai Wufeng Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.
management team


  • He Jianyu
    He Jianyu Chief Engineer

    Since 1998, He Jianyu has been the chief engineer of Wufeng Instrument, mainly responsible for the circuit design and the development of embedded software of chromatographic instruments. He has successfully developed the navy submarine carbon monoxide monitor, the navy submarine gas chromatograph, the microcomputer control and Software compilation in the chromatograph for military applications, the control and communication circuit design and programming in LC-100 HPLC, LC-100 PLUS intelligent HPLC system, EX1600 intelligent HPLC system, etc.

  • Xu Boyuan
    Xu Boyuan Deputy Chief Engineer

    Joined Shanghai Wufeng Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. in December 2014 as the deputy chief engineer, mainly responsible for liquid chromatography system architecture and software development, He has 17 years of R&D and project management experience in the field of automation control.

  • Deng Qi
    Deng Qi R&D manager

    Joined Wufeng Instrument in 2005 as a commissioning engineer in the production department. He has a wide range of hobbies and through self-study, he mastered the skills of electronic circuits, mechanical design, three-dimensional drawing, and graphic design. For more than ten years, thanks to his diligent, modest and enterprising working attitude, he has successively won many honorary titles and applied for nearly ten utility model patents and one invention patent. After years of training and personal acquisition, he has become a rare compound talent for the company.

  • Zhu Zhihua
    Zhu Zhihua Senior R&D Engineer

    Joined Wufeng Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd since 2007, mainly responsible for product development and debugging. Participated in several HPLC development projects; updated the networked system for HPLC; successfully build the Autosampler / Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography / Fluorescence detector in the country, breaking the monopoly by international brands and the quality is comparable to international brands. He also formulated Wufeng’s Corporation Standard & Product Standard.


  • Wang Chen
    Wang Chen East China Sales Manager

    Joined Wufeng after graduating from university in July 2004, he started to learn about chromatographic instrument from zero in the sales work from customers. With his ingenuity and hard work, over 14 years of experience, he grows from a newcomer into a senior sales manager who knows very well the liquid chromatography market, application fields, industry trends, HPLC customers, and sales network.

  • Chen Cai
    Chen Cai Manager of Guangdong Branch

    After graduating from university, he engaged in laboratory analysis, and then worked in instrument distribution for many years. He has once worked as an agent of Wufeng products and formally joined Wufeng in 2008 in charge of sales in South China. In 2011, Wufeng set up a branch in Guangzhou. Chen Cai became the branch manager and took charge of the operation and business of the branch. Under his management, Wufeng’s business in southern China was carried out in order and only in two years, the new company began to make profit. Chen Cai has also grown from a sales engineer into a qualified technical manager.

  • Chen Jinfeng
    Chen Jinfeng Central China Sales Manager

    After graduating from university in 2008, he was engaged in laboratory analysis in the ICCAS (Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Science). He joined Wufeng in August 2011 and started working in liquid chromatography as a sales engineer, and quickly mastered the professional skills related to liquid chromatography through hardworking. Over the past years, he accumulated a large number of industry customers, and used the knowledge acquired to help customers solve many technical problems beyond the scope of business. He has grown into a professional senior sales manager with high business performance.

  • Yao Jianping
    Yao Jianping Commercial account manager

    Joined Wufeng Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd as a sales engineer after graduating from university in 2006. He was responsible of develop sales in Southern, Northern, and Northeast China, helping Wufeng’s instrument to gain customer recognition and reputation. He also helped to setup the Beijing’s branch. He was promoted to commercial account manager in 2019, after established a commercial account department.