Post-column derivatization

Automatic Amino Acid Analyzer, Light Derivative / Primary Derivative / Second Derivative


Post-column derivatization method is a powerful analytical tool. The methodology is suitable for trace and ultra-trace analysis and offers enhancement of detectability.
Amino Acid Analyzer is an automatic analysis instrument designed by using Post-Column Ninhydrin reaction. Amnio Acid Analyzer is equipped with the use of cation exchange chromatography and ninhydrin post-column derivatization and photometric detectors (579nm, 440nm), it suitable for the determination of total and free amino acids with high selectivity, high speed, and high accuracy. The inert flow path method are stable, durable, corrosion-resistant, and accurate analysis.
Post-column derivatization System which contain Light Derivative / Primary Derivative / Second Derivative can work with any HPLC system to improve the scope of application of HPLC. The primary and secondary derivative use micro pumps with integrated drive shaft design to improve accuracy and stability. The micro pump uses high abrasion and wear resistance seal ring and high-precision plunger system to ensure maximum reliability. Using inert flow path to extend the instrument life such as post-column backflow prevention; over-temperature protection; and reagent inert protection;